What Are The Steps?


1. Clean mouth tray and dry it, then gentle brush your teeth with tooth paste and rinse with water. Move battery's insulating piece away and insert batteries into teeth whitening light in order for led to work.

2. Apply 1/4 of Whitening Gel into each side of mouth tray, apply just enough to coat the frontal surfaces of your teeth to be whitened but not your gums.

3. Cut the flaps off mouth trays(top and bottom).Place the mouth tray over your teeth. Wipe off any gel that in contact with your gums.

4. Press the start button to enter into a 20-30 minutes countdown, close your mouth to fix the tray.

5. Rinse your mouth with warm water, then take off the mouth tray from the whitening light and clean it.

6. Repeat this whitening procedure for 6 consecutive days.



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